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Welcome to Heritage Elementary School!

In 1995, voters gave our growing district the opportunity to build two new schools, Heritage and Valor. Heritage opened in 1997 with 490 students. Since that time, we have added six portable classrooms and an eighteen-classroom annex. Today, Heritage has an enrollment of over 620 students K-5, with most students learning in at least two languages every day.

Heritage Elementary School offers a variety of learning opportunities, with K-5 bilingual programs in Russian/English and in Spanish/English. In these classes, students have core content instruction in both English and a second language, either Russian or Spanish. We also offer courses in the English Plus strand, where students have core content instruction in English and a foreign language class in Spanish or in Russian. Some students in bilingual classrooms even study a third language! All students also have courses in music, PE, Art, and Library/Media Studies.